The SPIN Interview: Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson has taken to miming. With her shock of crimson hair pulled into a bun, she declares in a proud brogue, «This is how I used to operate in the world.» She braces against an imaginary wall and shoves, to no avail. «Now, I’m like this.» She slowly pushes the wall six inches, beaming. «Forty-five years old ain’t so bad!» Читать далее

Rejuvenated Garbage Finds Harmony in Recording New Album

‘We’re not gonna work with people who suck anymore,’ says Butch Vig
Maybe it’s the fact that during the six years since Garbage’s last album, the highly underrated Bleed Like Me, Butch Vig has been spending a lot of time just being a father, but he boils down the band’s new philosophy to something even a young child can understand: “We’re not gonna work with people who suck anymore,” he tells Rolling Stone.
Told of the new creed in a separate interview, frontwoman Shirley Manson cracks up. Читать далее