Garbage’s Shirley Manson: ‘The music industry has imploded’

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson has labelled the music industry a «dinosaur».

The singer believes the system has fallen apart because it’s failed to keep up with how young people consume music. She told Metro: «It’s a shell of what it once was and the industry hasn’t got it’s head around the fact a lot of young people don’t listen to the radio or buy records – the industry has been slow to adapt and has become a dinosaur.» Читать далее

Shirley manson inducts blondie

Oh my God, I am shaking in my shoes. Anyway. Blondie put it this way once: «Dreaming is free.» For many of us, myself included, Blondie were the dream. Yet if anyone had told me 15 years ago, when I was unemployed and desperately frustrated in Edinburg, Scotland, that I’d be up on a podium, in New York City, in preparation to induct Blondie into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I’d have peed myself laughing, and told them to f*ck right off.

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Garbage singer Shirley Manson hit up Twitter following her band’s gig last night (Nov. 26) in Koln, Germany, to complain about the audience’s “cold” reaction to the show — and in the process started a Twitter war with some readers who began berating Manson for her complaints.“Koln you were so strangely subdued!” Manson wrote in her initial Twitter post. “Sold out show but so cold? Funny. I know you love us but why couldn’t you show it? We still love you. Sx.”

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