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Shirley Manson Charity Work, Events and Causes

Shirley Manson is a Scottish recording artist and actress, best known internationally as the lead singer of the alternative rock band Garbage.
She now lives in Los Angeles from where she conducts a considerable amount of her charity work. Her philanthropy began in earnest when she launched a Garbage branded lipgloss whose proceeds went to Grampian Children’s Cancer Research, the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York. Читать далее

Shirley Manson — Shirley Manson ‘Tortured’ Over Beauty

Shirley Manson used to »torture» herself for not being pretty enough.
The Garbage frontwoman — who is renowned for her unusual look — admits it took her time to learn to accept herself but now does not think about it and has a dismissive attitude.
She told Nylon magazine: »I used to torture myself because I thought I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t young enough, I wasn’t this or that enough. Читать далее

Watch: Garbage’s Shirley Manson Kicks Out A Male Fan For Hitting a Woman

The reformed Garbage are currently touring the US on the back of their new album Not Your Kind of People, recently stopping at Atlantic City on May 25. So far their shows have been met with positive reactions from fans enjoying seeing one of their favourite bands back on stage again, but at this particular show, a male fan found it necessary to cause a female fan some grief. Читать далее

Shirley Manson: The 5 Artists Who Inspire Me

Patti Smith
»I was in a band called Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie when I was a kid, maybe 18 years old, and the lead singer brought me [Smith’s iconic 1975 debut] Horses. I played it over and over and over again and fell madly in love. She’s remained a touchstone throughout my career, and a beacon of light whenever I feel a little trepidatious about how a woman in music can, as she gets older, navigate the waters.» Читать далее