Garbage: We’re Back

SHIRLEY Manson and Garbage are teaming up again after a break of nearly four years.
The band plan to record a song and discuss recording a “bummer Leonard Cohen meets Mazzy Star” album as well as a world tour. Edinburgh-born singer Shirley and the three American musicians who make up the rock band have been speaking again in recent weeks about working together in the studio and possibly touring.
Drummer and former Nirvana producer Butch Vig described Garbage as a “dysfunctional democracy” and said it was only a matter of timing when they got back together.
He confirmed the band will begin working on a new song in a few weeks and said: “We’ll see what happens.”
Butch met Shirley earlier this month and they discussed working together again.
Shirley, 42, put her music career on hold after a solo album was rejected by Geffen Records for being “too noir”. She has been starring as terminator Catherine Weaver in US sci-fi series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but the series was axed in May.