Shirley to Appear in ‘Guitar Hero 5?

Shirley Manson, the sultry, redheaded vocalist of Garbage, is slated to be the next playable character in the upcoming release of Guitar Hero 5.
Due for release on September 1st, this latest edition of Guitar Hero will also feature music by Nirvana, Blur, Love and Rockets, T.Rex, and, of course, Garbage’s 1995 breakthrough single “Only Happy When it Rains.” Despite the title, the game will also feature full instrumentation, including drums and vocals, in an effort to keep up with Guitar Hero’s main competitor, Rock Band.
Meanwhile, Manson’s induction to the gaming world comes as some revelation and surprise to the singer, who is pleased to be one of the only girls tapped for the game. “They did a scan of my face then I had to put on this weird suit, it was super-freaky,” said Manson about the process.
The folks at Activision have even gone the extra mile to capture Manson’s sway and swagger in oredr to give the game that extra dose of realistic appeal. As an ancient obsessive fan of Shirley Manson’s “charisma,” and stage presence, I’m certainly convinced by her digital rendering. Admitting attraction to a video game character is new territory for me, so let’s just skip to the game interview and preview, shall we?