Shirley in Douglas Gordon Horror Film?

Is Shirley Manson, singer for the ‘90s post-grunge musical act Garbage, set to star in a feature-length horror film directed by Scottish video artist Douglas Gordon? According to Glasgow’s Herald newspaper, Manson is game: “I would love to be in it. I’d be great in horror — you know it. I’m scary. I’m in. I’m sold.” Gordon, of course, is best known for his epic 24-Hour Psycho, a projection which stretches the classic Hitchcock horror film out over a full day. Manson has had a single foray into acting, according to IMDB: a role as “Catherine Weaver”– a robot — on the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles.
Manson and Gordon are friends met at the 2008 Style Awards at Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow, where Gordon served as a judge and Manson won an award for “Most Stylish Female” (a Garbage fan board even features what appears to be a picture of Manson sticking her tongue in the artist’s mouth). The two recently paired up for a BBC program titled, creatively, “When Shirley Manson met Douglas Gordon,” which had the pair “discuss images, ideas, influences and inspiration.” Lamentably, the program is not currently available to watch online. Gordon is also one of the many visual artists the rock star lists as an influence on her Facebook page; although the list is something of a grab bag that also includes Marlene Dumas, Barbara Kruger, Helmut Newton and Robert Wilson.