Shirley Manson Calls Sky Ferreira Her «Little Sister»

Garbage goddess Shirley Manson has taken singer Sky Ferreira under her wing.

«She’s got a beautiful voice, Sky,» Manson said in a Popjustice interview. «She’s smart. She really is. I think she’s something else, actually. Greg Kurstin and I wrote [a] song together for her, and it’s so cool to try and help someone amazing like that along.»

Manson is protective of the blonde singer, saying, «She’s like my little sister. And I do feel a certain kind of kinship with her in that regard.»

Manson continued, «She’s something special and I don’t want her to be chewed up in the whole major label system that can destroy a career before it’s even begun.»

Mother Manson, hear her roar. Manson has tons of experience, so she can certainly look after Ferreira effectively.

Do you know who Sky Ferreira is? What’s your fave Garbage tune?