Garbage’s Shirley Manson Kicks Out Male Fan for Punching Woman at Concert

Garbage’s Shirley Manson doesn’t stand for violence against women. That’s why she kicked an unruly fan out of an Atlantic City gig on Friday, May 25.

The rockers were just getting to the middle of their hit song «Stupid Girl» when Mason noticed an unnamed man beating up a woman in the front row. After several punches were thrown at the female fan, Mason demanded the assailant stop, while halting her band in the process.

«Dude. Never hit a f—ing woman. What the f— is wrong with you, man?» Manson yelled at the attacker as he was escorted out of the venue. «OK, we’re going to try that one again. Oh s—, you’re getting all racy in here. What the f— is going on, Atlantic City?»

As points out, the alleged attacker believed he was in the right and told Manson it was the woman who began the exchange of fists. «She started it? Oh, Jesus Christ — OK,» the singer replied in jest. «We’re going to have like five people to play to by the end of the show.»

Mason blew a kiss to the attacker as he exited the building before launching back into «Stupid Girl.» According to Gigwise, the disappointment in the air was palpable, so Shirley introduced her band to the crowd while trying to make peace with what had just happened.

«You’re fighting baby, you gotta leave now. You can’t f—ing fight, man. You can’t fight. I’m sorry, that’s the rules man. We just need to all simmer down.»