West London Deep sample Shirley Manson

Burn It Blue reports that Shirley has changed her mind on letting the band West London Deep use her sampled voice in their forthcoming release:
’West London Deep has had to go back a couple of steps with regard to the single release of ‘You’re Taking Me Over’. The track, which has been around for more than eight months, originally included a sample from rock stars Garbage and will now have to be reworked with a new vocal track following a last-minute change of heart from Garbage singer Shirley Manson. Remixes have already been planned with Problem Kids, Inner City and Desyn Masiello & Leon Roberts all lined up for knob twiddling duties. Future Groove has not given us a date for the new version release, so in the meantime you’ll have to scout around for the King Unique bootleg or one of the test pressings’