Singer Manson backs HIV charity

The lead singer of rock group Garbage has been named as patron of an HIV charity.
Shirley Manson said she was delighted to be identified with Waverley Care, the largest HIV charity in Scotland.

The 36-year-old star paid tribute to staff at the charity, which is based in her home city of Edinburgh.

The singer revealed that she was once tested for HIV and described it as the most frightening experience of her life.

She said: «I had an Aids scare myself once.

«My test was negative, thank God, but it was the most terrifying period of my life.»

The star first became involved with Waverley Care when she visited one of its projects to donate a cheque.

She said: «I’m delighted to become a patron.

«Edinburgh is my home city and this is a cause I feel strongly about.

«I’m keen to do as much as I can to support people who are living with HIV and to encourage young people to take the possibility of contracting HIV seriously.»

David Johnson, director of Waverley Care, said: «We are very excited by the opportunity of working with Shirley to raise awareness of HIV and are grateful for her personal interest in what we are doing to support the growing number of people in Edinburgh whose lives are touched by the virus.

«It means a lot to our service users to have Shirley’s involvement.»

The charity offers care and support to Aids and HIV patients, their relatives and friends.