Shirley Manson — Shirley Manson Blames Label Bosses For Garbage Hiatus

Rocker Shirley Manson has blamed Garbage’s absence from music on the band’s former label, insisting the group fell out when record bosses walked away from them.
The Stupid Girl hitmakers, fronted by Shirley Manson, are preparing to release the long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s Bleed Like Me on their own record label after they vowed to make a comeback without dealing with the «greedy corporate interest» of a big music company.
Now Manson has lashed out at executives at their former label Geffen, who she claims made the band turn on each other by treating them badly when radio stations stopped playing their tracks.
She tells, «We were just at odds with the whole (major label) system morally and intellectually. We were stuck with a record label who didn’t give two flying s**ts about us because they couldn’t get us on the radio.
«They were totally disinterested and washed their hands of us… We were constantly surrounded by such negativity that it just ends up eating away at the individuals in the band and we began to take it out on one another. It was not a good situation.»